NL: Privacystatement van de Stichting Schaak Walcheren, versie maart 2022.

Summary Privacy Statement Foundation Schaak Walcheren  (the organizing Foundation of the HZ-chesstournament), version march 2022.

The Foundation collects your personal information only with your consent, according to the filling in of the registration or contact form. The Foundation collects according to the General Data Protection Regulation of the EU only the minimum amount of personal information necessary to fulfill the purpose of your interaction with the organisation board of the HZ-chesstournament. The Foundation don’t sell your information to third parties and only uses the information as the Privacy statement describes.
It is possible that during the tournament representatives of the press, radio and televison do their job to inform the public over the tournament, including taking and publishing pictures. The General Data Protection Regulation does not apply to their activities.